Territorial Identity Lab

Shanghai, Panqiao village

The Lab examines a cultural transition by engaging with curiosity in human non-human relations as the identity of a territory. An approach to position the artistic, design and architecture field beyond its comfort zones and look at the non-human as an intimate part of human condition and place our creative tools in analytic studies where all matters matter.

"We are all matter, and we all matter" 

We started our exploration in the field collecting experiences, stories and samples connected to the relations between human non-human conditions in the territory of Panqiao, a village threatened by gentrification in the outskirt of Shanghai. The focus of the five day workshop was to work for a common goal, applying and developing methods to learn and reflect by experiencing, listening to stories from the people and investigating relations found in the territory. 

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Together with architecture, visual communication and design students from China Academy of Art, Shanghai Institute of Design

Collaboration with professor Li Ziwen

Film by Ni Shangyun

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