INLAND Turkey Extension Agency

Istanbul Art Biennal 2015

This project is a social sculpture and propaganda space that is drawing on INLAND. Dory initiated this project in in 2010 ( For one year , Garcia Dory worked together with different groups in Turkey ( from a union of concerned architects to kurdish farming cooperatives ) developing collaborations. The result is the installation on show at the Biennial organised around four case studies. These case studies the artist has been researching about are expanded in a series of talks, lectures and discussions to trigger a public debate about contemporary Turkey´s relations with its territory and its models of development. They aim to spread the need to transition from a plunder economy to an agroecological model. The installation allows the the space  different settings ( eatery, group meeting, ierarchical lecture ) and is arranged and rearranged during the biennale. In the main wall, there is a description of the project and a manifesto and the diagram of the organisation. The other walls are covered with posters, made in a old print machine used for quick political prints and advertising, and using a local paper ( the one Greenpeace and the Americal Coalition are also using in their forms ) , displaying images from agronomic brochures and other forms that become iconic, or brands.

Fernando Garcia Dory

Sergio Montero Bravo

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