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About me


Sergio Montero Bravo, MFA in Design and Senior Lecturer at Konstfack, University of Art, Craft and Design, born 1980 in Northern Chile. In 1986 his parents immigrated to Sweden where he lives today. For as long as he can remember he has found joy in the art of making. After some basic art and design studies in Florence, Italy, he completed a bachelor’s degree in architectural design in Rome. During these years he was employed in different architecture offices in Rome and, among other things, became involved in the design of the new Metro station Manzoni and The Pontifical Lateran University Library. 2008 he pursued his master’s degree in Interior Architecture & Furniture Design at Konstfack University of Art, Craft and Design, Stockholm. At the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Stockholm he completed 2009 a regional planning post graduate course with focus on sustainable development. Since then, he has pursued a practice that combines teaching, communal projects and practice-based research and as a member of INLAND various art projects internationally.


As an architect his work evolves around communal projects, pedagogy, art and design. The main focus are the many ways in which social and ecological perspectives transforms how we feel, think and make. This runs through all of his works today, exemplified in his current research Territorial, Art, Design and Architecture at Konstfack. The research operates on the basis of unfolding a place-sensible practice concerned with peri-urban and rural living environments. With collaborators, students and stakeholders he explores territorialization of space and place where there is less human intervention, as means to feel different and change mindset. The research unfolds through communal projects in peri-urban and rural locations, relational to species and systems made invisible through urban ecologies.

Methods to actively include stakeholders and communities in the design process are of great importance in many of his projects.Through communal projects with municipalities, organizations, artists, crafts, researchers and industries, together with students and collaborators, solutions to current challenges are explored. Examples of courses where he has used practice-based research with students includes the planning and construction of a training centre for Ebola treatment simulation, at Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm. Another example is a design course in southern Italy where he explored public design and architecture in the rural together with his students. In close collaboration with INLAND and a local cooperative they built on-site architecture for animals using natural degradable materials. In one of his latest courses, Master students collaborated, through Vandalorum art centre in Småland, with different industries in the region. The industrial waste material became new materiality when the students explored circular economy. Most recently ha has designed and built apiary and shepherd structures as part of communal projects and is currently working with timber craft practitioners in his research on territorial art, design and architecture.




2017 | Course on global migration, Tensta Konsthall, Tensta, Stockholm

2016 | International Product Development - Sätergläntan Institute for crafts, project with

practical Lab in cooperation with ASARBOLSEM, El Alto in Bolivia)

2015 | Konstfack, Stockholm, Basic Course in Higher Art Education

2009 | Royal College of Art, Stockholm, Postgraduate course in sustainable urban planning, Resources 09 - Beyond desire, Los

Angeles - Resources 08 Beyond oil, Shanghai

2008 | Konstfack, Univeristy of Art, Craft & Design in Stockholm, Master in fine arts at the program of Spatial design, Interior

Architecture & Furniture Design

2002 | L´Accademia Italiana, Florence, Italy, Foundation year in Art, Design and Architecture

1999 | Ebersteinska, Technical Science High school in Norrköping, Sweden



2019 - Research Project Territorial Art, Design and Architecture

2018 - Elected as member of Konstfack Education and Research board

2016 - 2019 | Head of Bachelor program at Konstfack, Interior Architecture & Furniture Design

2013 - Senior Lecturer - Konstfack, Interior Architecture & Furniture Design

2012 - Member of

2011 - 2013 | The Architecture School, Folkuniversitetet. Teaching in a foundation year in Architecture and Design

2012-2013 | SIDA project with the foundation IOU Design in Hanoi, Vietnam Coordinates a design collaboration between the

Foundation IOU design for charity Organization X-Cons and their partners in Vietnam, focusing on co-design with pottery and

rattan crafts

2011 | SIDA workshop in Durban, South Africa. Workshop organized by Tibro Training center in order to

develop products with local wood producers in South Africa

2011 | City Development in Fuxin, Collaboration with Professor Bob Lee in idea making of sustainable urban development in

Fuxin, China

2009-2012 | SADA, Shanghai Academy of Art, guest lecturer and workshop leader in sustainable design of public furniture for

bachelor students of product design

2005-2006 | Architect Carlo Lococo - Rome, Italy, Full-time Employed as designer

2003-2005 | Kingroselli Architecture- Rome, Italy, Trainee and part-time as an architect and designer



2020 | Public design commission of stable for shepperds in Casa De Campo, Madrid

2020 | Centerpieces, node during Konstfack Research Week 2020

2019 | Lets get in tune with the Planet, Research Festival at Konstfack

2019 | Territorial Art, Design & Architecture, Konstfack artistic design research project

2019 | Many Little Hands Workshop with Inland, Apiary Architecture in Asturia, Spain

2019 | Invited workshop leader China Academy of Art, Territorail Identity

2019 | Installing a Greenhouse Parastructure, collaboration with Luis Berríos-Negrón

2018 | Exhibition Design of Tensta Museum in ArkDes Public Luxury Exhibition, commissioned by Maria Lind

2018 | Animali Mundi Lab, place based installations of conviviality bewteen livestock and the community, collaboration with Casa delle Agriculture and Inland

2017 | Collaboration between and Svenska Bostäder, investigative evaluation and proposals for improvement

2017 | Workshop commission and ongoing collaboration between The Free Home University, Casa delle argriculture and Inland in studying the relationship between art, animals and agriculture in the small village Castiglione, Lecce in Italy.

2017 | Collaboration with Stockholm Stad, developing TECH10STA, new youth maker space center in Tensta, Stockholm. A pilot project in collaboration with the municipality of Stockholm

2017 | Workshop commission, International Open Elective at NID Ahemedabad, India

2016 | Design commission, visual communication design - Hjärta Norsjö, documentary film

2016 | New garden pavillions in Hjulsta, Stockholm, collaboration with students from Konstfack, Hjulsta eco-farming and Inland

2015 | Exhibition Design for workshops held by INLAND at the Istanbul Art Biennial 2015

2015 | Public design in Fornhöjden, Collaboration with Sodertälje Municipality and Foundation IOU Design

2015 | Collaboration with Tensta Konsthall, pop up public design school for children
2015 | Exhibition, Maretopia at the exhibition Stockholm Experimenting in Färgfabriken

2015 | Maretopia, Art project in collaboration with artist Jens Evald Andersson and students from Konstfack

2014 | Ebola simulation center, design comission in collaboration with students from Konstfack and colleague Jenny Althoff

2014 | Hotel Fridhemsplan, project to reconfigure a building into Hotel with restaurant, bar & café

2014 | Architecture comission, villa project in Saltsjö-Boo

2013 | Candy King Shop, design commission Stockholm train Station

2013 | Loft apartment project, Architecture commission, Stockholm

2013 | Apartment adjustment, Architecture & design commission, Värtavägen 6, Stockholm

2013 | Development of a new range of garden furniture, IOU Design for Charity, design commission

2013 | Exhibition, Milan Furniture Fair, Iou Design for Charity

2012 | Adaptation design of 1800 villa, Architecture comission in Gustavsberg, Mariagatan 3

2010 | Apartment adaptation, design comission, Hökens gata 1, Stockholm

2010 | Adaptation of communal outdoor gardening spaces, design comission for elderlycare in Edsätra, Stockholm

2009 | Exhibition, Gallery Mejan, The Fifth Ecology, Los Angeles, Beyond Desire

2009 | KAVAT Ecological Showroom, design comission in Stockholm Skohus, Nacka Strand Klarabergsgatan 33, Stockholm

2008 | Concept development for “Grönatåget” - research project “green train”, financed by Banverket and Bombardier

2005 | Subway Station, design commission of design concept, furniture design and planning of new layout for the Metro A line in Rome. Concept first developed in the Manzoni station, opening 2008 under the employment at Carlo Lococo Architetti

2004 | Concept development of Laterano University Libray in Rome, Italy, design commission during internship with King Roselli Architetti

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