Sergio Montero Bravo, MFA in Design and Senior Lecturer at Konstfack, University of Art, Craft and Design. He was born in 1980 in Northern Chile, his parents immigrated in 1986 to Sweden. He has, for as long as he can remember, been interested in the art of making. After his preparatory art and design studies in Florence, Italy, he completed a bachelor’s degree in architectural design in Rome. During these years he was employed in different architecture offices in Rome and, among other things, became involved in the design of the new Metro station Manzoni and The Pontifical Lateran University Library. He returned to Sweden where he took his master’s degree in Interior Architecture & Furniture Design at Konstfack University of Art, Craft and Design, Stockholm, in 2008. Since then, he has pursued his own practice combining communal projects with teaching and practice-based research in Sweden and abroad. 


Today, his work evolves around pedagogy, art, design and architecture. The core values of his practice address social and ecological sustainability with a post-colonial approach. This runs through all of his works, exemplified in his current research project Territorial, Art, Design and Architecture at Konstfack, where he operates on the basis of a place-based peri-urban and rural discipline. With collaborators, students and colleagues he investigates decentralization of places, environments and spaces to territories where there is less human intervention, as means to change mindsets, reinvent relations to the rural and get in tune with species and systems made invisible through urban ecologies.

Methods to actively include stakeholders and communities in the design process are of great importance in many of his projects. Through communal projects with municipalities, organizations, artists, crafts, researchers and industries, together with students and collaborators, he explores solutions to current challenges. Examples of courses where Sergio has used practice-based research with students includes the planning and construction of a training centre for Ebola treatment simulation, at Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm. Another example is a design course in southern Italy where he explored public design and architecture in the rural together with his students. In close collaboration with the Inland network and a local cooperative they built on-site architecture for animals using natural degradable materials. In one of his latest courses, Master students collaborate, through Vandalorum art centre in Småland, with different industries in the region. The industrial waste material becomes new materiality when the students explore circular economy. Most recently he has designed and built apiary and shepherd structures as part of communal projects and is currently working with timber craft practitioners in his research on territorial art, design and architecture. 

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